10 Point Plan

  1. Promote and campaign for a cultural shift to help reduce youth violence, both physically and verbally within the Black community by initiating conversations, introspection and reflection on the thoughts and actions that hold us back as a people; individually and collectively.
  2. Develop, as churches, a curriculum regarding Black and Latino history with an emphasis on the struggles of women of color to help young people understand that the God of history has been and remains active in all our lives.
  3. Acknowledge and respond to the impact of trauma as a physical and emotional reality on the lives of our young people and their families as a direct result of violence.
  4. Build meaningful relationships with high-risk youth by recognizing their reality on their terms and in their spaces.
  5. Focus specially on connecting and rebuilding the lives of youth who have been incarcerated and stigmatized by mainstream society.
  6. Provide youth advocacy and one-on-one mentoring for high-risk youth.
  7. Provide gang mediation and intervention for high-risk youth with the goal of establishing cease-fires and building the foundation for active peace.
  8. Establish accountable, community-based economic development projects that are organic visions of revenue generation and demystify the accumulation and power of money through financial literacy.
  9. Build partnerships with the social/secular institutions of our city, with suburban and downtown communities of faith to help provide spiritual, human and material support.
  10. Provide ongoing training for individual churches along with a systematic program in leadership development to create, maintain, and sustain community mobilization.