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Why Choose Us

“Impressive violence prevention effects are being driven by a reduction in gang violence (Figure 4).  Gang homicide has decreased by 45% between 2007 and 2009 (38 victims to 21 victims).  The efforts of the Ten Point Coalition, as a lead community-based organization in these violence prevention strategies, are associated with these reductions in gang violence. more....


Season of Peace campaigns are designed to promote anti-violence. This project was launched to send a consistent message of peace to youth who were involved in the violence. The strategy involves creating a period of time during the year to declare a general ceasefire throughout the city.  In Boston, we run our Season of Peace campaigns between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, and during the months of July and August of the calendar year.  The efforts of community members, churches, community organizations, police, probation, transportation department, schools, and youth detention facilities helped decrease violence across the city.

The media campaign used symbols and slogans youth use in daily conversations to communicate that violence is not the answer to deal with conflict. The second part of the Season of Peace is the neighborhood walks component which galvanizes our partners to walk through troubled areas of the city to engage youth and families.


Shootings by Gang Mediation Initiative gangs, representing some of the most violent groups in Boston, decreased by 39% between 2007 and 2009 (from 77 to 47).
- Dr. Anthony Braga, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and strategic planning consultant, Boston Police Department