Re-Entry Initiative

The Re-Entry Initiative provides mentoring and basic services to ex-offenders who were labeled high-impact players and are considered least likely to succeed on their own as they prepare to re-enter community life.

Our staff and trained church-based volunteers work in partnership with the Boston Police Department, the Suffolk County House of Corrections, the United States and District Attorney’s office, the Department of Revenue, the Probation Department, faith-based agencies, and community-based service providers.

We encourage the men and hold them accountable to identify and take advantage of opportunities for jobs, housing, education, and health services.

This initiative is one of the few in the nation that employs a collaborative community re-entry strategy. Preliminary results are very encouraging: we have been able to achieve a 10% recidivism rate with ex-offenders who normally exhibit an average 44% recidivism rate. We are also cost effective: in 2002, our program costs were about $5,300 per client per year versus more than $23,000 per inmate per year.