Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention Services (CIS) is integrated into all Boston TenPoint Coalition programs. CIS offers coordinated support to neighborhoods and community through our Crisis Response Team, which is made up of Boston TenPoint Coalition staff, trained volunteers, and the District Attorney’s office.

Through our work with local churches and lead community groups, we are able to break the cycle of violence, and minimize the inflammatory effect of violent crimes. Services include gang mediation; crisis response support to the Boston Public Schools and Boston School Police; support and counsel to grieving families; and technical support and assistance to churches hosting funeral services. These services are critical as we deal with the impact and stress of crime-related trauma on our neighborhoods, and defuse the resulting tensions. CIS offer the best formula for violence prevention for communities where crime often leads to revenge killings.

For example, when called to a homicide, trained volunteer church clergy teams offer counseling services, and a strong presence of hope, faith, and perseverance, in a time of overwhelming grief and confusion. Additionally, clergy conduct street patrols and prayer walks in fearful communities, help maintain safety and control at funerals where gang activity is suspected, and provide support to grieving families.